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ACCRA : Rwandans in Ghana celebrate Umuganura

Rwandans living in Ghana and friends gathered in Accra last Saturday to celebrate the national Umuganura Day, a traditional day of thanksgiving that dates back to pre-colonial Rwandan society. By GraphicOnline

Banned by colonialists made insignificant under post-independence governments, Umuganura was restored to national prominence in 2011. It is today among the main national days celebrated with a public holiday observed on the first Friday of August annually.

Presently, Umuganura is an opportunity for Rwandans living inside and abroad to celebrate the country’s rich cultural heritage, reinforce its restored unity and take stock of the country’s progress as they commit to increased effort to further deliver on the country’s vision.

Speaking to participants at the event, the Acting Charge d’Affaires of the Rwandan High Commission in Ghana Theophile Rurangwa hinted that Umuganura is a reminder of the choices that Rwandans have made, most importantly the choice to stay together, united by their shared history and culture.

Traditionally, Umuganura was the most significant celebration bringing together Rwandans in thanksgiving for their good harvest and health.

Recalling the disaster emergencies that hit the country earlier in May, Rurangwa appreciated the Rwandans in Ghana as well as those in the other countries overseen by the Rwandan High Commission in Ghana for their solidarity in contributing to recovery actions.

« our continued participation in all national programs and contribution to various initiatives is a clear testimony that the values embedded in Umuganura are not said only in words but are in practice », he said.

Rwandan students studying in various universities in Ghana took the stage to perform a drama skit on the values of Umuganura in contemporary Rwanda while the community joined together in cultural dance and song.

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